Flat Glass Roof Light


Stunning Korniche Flat Glass Roof Light


Korniche meticulously crafts products with your needs in mind, providing an extra touch of sophistication and refinement. Immerse yourself in a realm where beauty seamlessly merges with efficiency.

The Korniche Flat Glass design goes beyond mere visual allure; its standout feature lies in exceptional thermal efficiency, attributed to the polyamide inner section. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also translates to significant savings on energy bills, creating a space that remains comfortably usable throughout the year.

Experience peace of mind with our commitment to effortless glass replacement. At Korniche, we recognize that accidents are an unfortunate reality. Therefore, we prioritize your peace of mind by offering a Flat Glass design that ensures a swift and uncomplicated glazing replacement process. All of this is achieved while preserving the integrity of your interior décor, allowing you to enjoy your space without worry.

Quick, stress-free installation

Experience the convenience of installing the Korniche Flat GlassTM effortlessly. Achieve a watertight build project in record time, free from the complexities of a challenging installation process. The fully assembled frame requires simple positioning, securing, and sealing.

Elegantly conceal the joint between the Flat Glass and the plastered finish as the glass unit seamlessly clips into place, preserving the flawless appearance of your décor. With Korniche, elevating your home is a swift and uncomplicated endeavor.

Korniche Flat Glass Roof Light

Why Korniche Flat Glass?

Aside from the simplicity involved in installing the Korniche Flat Glass system, this particular roof light also offers a wide range of additional security and glazing benefits.

From a gluing perspective, you can choose from laminated double glazing or triple glazing  in a variety of colour tints including clear, blue, or neutral, ensuring your aesthetic and functional needs are met.

From a security perspective of the Korniche Flat Glass – it’s more than just a superb glazed product; it’s an investment in tranquility. Compliant with the rigorous PAS 24:2016 standard, our Flat Glass provides heightened protection against potential threats, safeguarding both your valuables and your loved ones.

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